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My eldest is Edouard 9 and youngest Henri is 7. They are both boys and both dyslexic, so go to an orthophoniste twice a week. Plus the eldest has private tutor once a week for an hour. They have both been at school since age 3 so are bilingual verbally, however the eldest is severely dyslexic and is reading the same level as his brother which causes its own issues. It is him I am concerned for as his confidence is being damaged daily. He is very social and has many friends but some are starting to tease him. He is very sporty and is part of an athletics club and skis very well for his age. His ambition is to ride in the tour de France. So he spends a lot of time outdoors and riding with his dad and brother. I am thinking that I will start home schooling from September ie removing him from take his finial year at primary in school and seeing him through to 14 when he can hopefully go to lycee BAC PRO in something hands on. He has lots of help from his current teacher. We have purchased him a laptop which has DYS programmes on it. It is not talented in any academic work at all. As my boys are very competitive and they are quite different children with different needs at present I intend to leave the youngest at school. He is a maths genius so gets good praise from this at school. He also struggles with lecture but not nearly as much as his brother. I wish to follow a UK curriculum for around 2/3 hours a day and then just enjoy practical activities cooking, gardening, woodworking, life skills together. I would increase his private tutor hours to help with the French. His father is a self employed general builder and will take him to work some days to practice practical maths and problem solving at work. His father is dyslexic too and so is my sister and father, so we understand that the system just does not work for this type of brain. Edouard is typically logical and a very socially intelligent good natured boy (the girls love him) so practical projects like to design and build bird house would entertain him. I just want him to enjoy skills rather worry about learning parrot fashion timetables!



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