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15140 Saint Martin Valmeroux

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Eve & Roy

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00 33 (0)6 32 07 20 84
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Hello, We are an English family who currently home-school and have recently moved to France. Our main language is English but we speak a bit of French, enough to communicate. We were 'child-led' home schooling but now we have moved to France we have been following the curriculum, to get into a routine and keep up the level of work which will be needed/expected from us. We have a 13 & 3 year old girls and a baby boy born in April 2018. I am a Healer and training to be a Doula and my husband is a builder. We have bought a barn and will be renovating it to live in half and also holiday let/Gite. You can keep up with our adventures here -

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

We are open to network with other like-minded famillies. We do Archery - well Roy and our 13 year old, River, does. She also loves her photography. We are interested in a healthy organic lifestyle - growing all our own veg etc.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

We only have experience about home schooling in the UK but I am gathering links etc for other countries on a blog post, on my website. I understand the French rules are different to the UK - we'll need to follow the level of the French national curriculum & have lots of official visits. Here is my website = Here is my husbands website =


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