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74150 Rumilly

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Christy-Ann and Franck

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We are an American/French family of 6. We lived in the United States for the first 4 years of our oldest sons life where he suffered a brain hemmorage at birth then was later diagnosed with sensory integration disorder and at age 9 with dyslexia. While he had attended special education classes in The United States in preschool, upon moving back to France his difficulties became too much and we moved him three times to three different schools in an attempt to get help as he was failing scholastically and emotionally. On a whim we sent him for one semester to the USA to live with a grandparent in an effort to get a proper current diagnosis and in school help which had worked well but now on returning to France after much research we have decided as a family that the school system here will not work for him and being highly intelligent I needed to find a program where he could grow and learn outside of the rigid French system.



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