Homeschooling family in Jugon les Lacs, France | Elizabeth & Will

22270 Jugon les Lacs

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Elizabeth & Will

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We are Canadians who moved to France in 2010. We have always homeschooled our youngest children with a Hands On curriculum which we created ourselves, we call it - "Worldschooling" . We mix Waldorf, Reggio & cherry-pick from other styles to design the best learning environment for our kids.

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

We would be very interested in meeting other homeschoolers with children are close in age to ours - it's always a challenge for us because homeschoolers are few & far between where we live (of any age!). English or French speaking is fine. We are are crafty, artsy &spend lots of time outside.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

I have lots & most of them are on my blog - ! I'm always happy to answer questions there.



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