Homeschooling family in Le Cres, France | Amanda

34920 Le Cres

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07 85 25 20 19
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I recently moved back to France after being in Florida for a few years. Due to traveling with my work, I have found that home school works best for my children. Being an English international teacher myself, I help my children to stay open minded to education and to use different styles and methods that best suits them.

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

I'm not looking to network with one particular type of group, I'm interested in connecting with parents who home school in the area of Montpellier.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

Over the years I have realized that no matter how much we encourage and guide our children, they will decide what paths to follow and what subjects interest them the most. It's important that they expand their minds and reach the correct career direction to move forward. Home schooling gives my child this importunately.



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