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Emma & Mac
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Intro & Educational Style: 

We have been home schooling for 8 months now since we have been travelling through France. It has allowed us great flexibility and we feel our daughter has improved in all areas but especially in Maths! We have been able to look into things that interest our daughter, as well as being able to find out about the different areas we have been visiting. This has been amazing for the whole family and has been exciting. My husband mainly takes care of Maths and Programming and I take care of the rest! At the moment we do not follow any specific style of home schooling but are working out what is good for us and, I guess following the UK system (we are from there) as this is what we have experience with. We make use of the internet, our surroundings and libraries wherever we may be.

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

We are hoping to meet up with other people in the area to share experiences and experience new things. We enjoy being outdoors, have 3 dogs and like to experience new things.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

Trust in what you do, and remember you know your kids better than anyone!


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