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35400 Saint Malo

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I am a Singapore that has recently moved back to France with my French husband. I am very much interested in the RIE respectful parenting method, as well as Montessori philosophy. We spend as much time outdoors as possible as we believe in experiential learning. I'm also currently taking a Montessori homeschooling online course, as well as a TESOL (teaching English as foreign language) course, in hopes that I can be better prepared for the life and community of homeschooling.

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

We are looking for activity partners to go out in the nature and interact or activities that can enrich my daughter and I. We would also like to network with experienced homeschoolers that can give us advise and perhaps help us navigate this complex issue when the time comes.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

Not yet but I do find the Montessori homeschooling online course for 2.5 - 6yrs extremely interesting and full of resources!


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