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Our little family of three has just moved to the Pyrenees from London, UK. We have moved to the mountains to enjoy fresh air, and a quiet life with more time together. We have always home-educated our daughter (she's never been in nursery or day school) - it's been a most fulfilling journey and we wish to continue here in France. We take a relaxed approach towards her education - following her interests and incorporating a lot of play and hands on learning (sewing, cooking, arts, science experiments). As she gets older, we've started to incorporate academics (maths, languages, history, science etc) - though we don't follow a curriculum.

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We would love to meet home educating families in France - for social outings as well as sharing tips and advice(places to visit, libraries and cultural activities, as well as dealing with government officials). In London, the government doesn't monitor home educators and it would be wonderful to receive guidance on how to best meet the French government's requirements whilst maintaining our independence.


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