Homeschooling family in Pont St Martin, France | Alastair and Yvonne

44860 Pont St Martin

Parent’s first name(s): 

Alastair and Yvonne

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Are you currently homeschooling one or more of your children?: 


Intro & Educational Style: 

We are a family of three English people living just outside Nantes in North Western France. We have just started to home-educate our 8 year old son. We use a number of standard french text books (borrowed from the education authorities) as well as Khan Academy ( We are still learning what works for our son and are actively on the lookout for other / better methods to educate.

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

We are interested in exchanges with any other home eductors especially locally, around both theory and practice of home education. We do not currently know of anyone locally who home educates. Use of games and play in education as well as teaching more foreign langauges is of particular interest.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

Bit too early for us to give advice.



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