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I still consider myself a homeschooler despite currently experiencing a hiatus from it. The children are in school right now in order to improve their French to some degree of comfortable fluency. We haven't been here long and I felt a French intensive was needed for the children. I have followed a fairly structured approach to homeschooling with bookwork being done regularly although in a perfect world I would let the children run wild! We enjoy learning through play and exploration, DIY, gardening, cooking etc. Even though the children are in school for now, homeschooling does not stop.

Who are you looking to network with, what activities do you do, etc.: 

One of the reasons we are doing some school time was also to meet local children of the same age as my children. After seeing hardly any children around locally we have finally found them all, in the schools! Where we lived previously there was a large homeschooling community but here the home ed community seems very small and the children in it very young. So my children were finding it hard to make local friends. We enjoy craft, music, dance, bike riding, swimming, nature walks and any chance to connect with like-minded families.

Any tips for other home educators?: 

Homeschooling is tough in France. The inspectors are often hostile to any way of learning outside of school and ignorant of the law regarding home ed. They may seek to intimidate and undermine and spread misinformation. We have experienced blatant discrimination for using English at home even though it is not forbidden by the law as it currently stands. I suggest joing L'EDA for support and advice from French home ed families who are experienced in dealing with the academies. Homeschooling in France can be very isolating as the number of homeschooling families can be very small. It can therefore be lonely for bigger children not to be part of a school community and it can be difficult to pick up French outside of it.



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