Carte des familles faisant l’école à la maison en France

Map of homeschooling families and those interested in homeschooling in France. Please click any marker to find more details about the family.

If you're homeschooling and live in Aude (11) or Pyrénées-Orientales (66), we highly recommend joining the following online group:



Families on Parent Concept

Parent(s) Détails Lieu Home schooling Années de naissance Langues parlées
Claudia et Jean-Louis vue
84300 Cavaillon
No 2008 2010 2012 German
Grant and Vicky vue
85 Vendee
Yes 2001 2003 English, French
Amanda vue
86140 Savigny-sous-Faye
Yes 2002 English, French
James, Pascale vue
87120 Eymoutiers
Yes 2016 Other
James, Pascale vue
87120 Eymoutiers
Yes 2016 German
jennie vue
87260 limoge
No 2008 2010 2017 English
Ruth vue
87380 Meuzac
Yes 2012 English
Colleen and John vue
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Yes 2000 2003 English, French
Bérengère et Sohel vue
94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
Yes 2016 English, French
Mirella vue
95100 Argenteuil
Yes 2001 English
Gillian vue
95320 Saint-Leu la Foret
Yes 2008 2010 English, French
Elvina vue
HR2 7AP Hereford
Yes 2006 English