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Allison Carmichael, based in Languedoc Roussillon, France has over 25 years experience in the arts as an illustrator and graphic designer, creating a range of illustrations for album covers, corporate identity, books and magazines, board games and promotional material. To see more of her work, please visit: French graphic designer: Allison CarmichaelShe now works with a team of excellent creatives to bring a refreshing and exciting look to Graphic projects, websites, and marketing campaigns for the multilingual internet marketing company


Allison has created websites including the logos and corporate identity for a range of companies, including TappanZ Gallery New York in the USA, the Interfaith Foundation in the UK, Seamode Oceanographic in Ireland and Jumper Trampolines in France. She has an international client base and considers herself a Cyber-artist.

She is the co-creator of The Da Vinci Game, and is the graphic designer for two other board games, both released in 2009.

She illustrated the jacket and over 20 internal illustrations for 'And Anyway About Me' by Tara Shilling, which was also released in 2009.

She is a featured 6 times as an Illustrator in Martin Dawber's Big Book of Contemporary Illustrations.

Allison is currently showing at the gallery, Outside The Square, in Margate.

For more information about her work, please visit

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