French Marketing and SEO in France

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1 Website Designer is part of Indigoextra Ltd and is an international team of creatives including website designers, English and French content writers, programmers, graphic designers and English to French translators. Our focus is on creating professional, attractive websites that appear high with search engines.  We specialise in Drupal websites with interactive features such as discussion forums, news portals, document libraries and ecommerce facilities.

Our websites are easy to administer, to maintain and are intuitive for the end user to navigate and use.  Where you are providing the content, the website can be in any language and we also offer English and French content writing services and a full English and French web design and SEO service.

If you are interested in having your own website designed, or promoted, you can read about our original website design and about website promotion and search engine optimisation (SEO) at

As well as creating websites in French and English, we offer a translation service (our translator, like us, is based in Languedoc Roussillon, South France) and can creates sites with discussion forums, blogs, online photo galleries, restricted areas you need to login to view, ecommerce sites, etc.

Organic SEO in French and English

While we always write and structure websites with your visitors at the forefront of our minds, we don’t forget the other visitor – the Search Engine bot.

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing read websites in a different way to a human visitor, looking at the code and structure of the website, rather than actually seeing the pages.  We therefore ensure that the structure and content of a website will help search engines know what the website is about, by using relevant titles, metatags, page names (URLs) and other elements, without losing any readability or value for the people who really matter.

We submit every website we create to relevant local search engines and can also help a site gain visitors initially by generating links to it via directory and article submissions and by asking other relevant, high quality websites to link to it.


Website Optimization in France