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Learning the Full Maths Curriculum

The best website I've found for learning the maths curriculum is

This has several things that make it unique, the first being that children and parents can monitor their progress throughout the whole maths curriculum and that it remembers which subjects you've mastered, which are still to do and which you need extra practise at.

This immediately makes the whole process more flowing and fits each subject into the overall scope of maths.

The second thing is that each question has hints and a video to go with it, so you can either get stuck in and answer the question if you already know how (or can have a good guess), or there's help on hand when you need it.

Finally the overall dashboard, scoring system, way it chooses the best questions for you, etc. is awesome.  Very easy to use, with a presentation somewhere between a game and a social media website, it's a really unique site that allows children to learn the whole maths curriculum from the basics to 8th grade, or with a 'learn everything' option which is the default.

Learning maths

Key Stage 2 Maths Games (Ages 7 to 11)

BBC Key Stage 2 Maths

The BBC website has a selection of interactive online maths games aimed at 7 to 11 year olds teaching children about decimals, fractions, shapes and how to handle data.

Follows the national curriculum.

BBC KS2 Maths Game

Maths Playground

A selection of more typical arcade type games that cleverly incorporate algebra, multiplication, fractions and angles.

Non-curriculum based.

Fractions, multiplications and aliens

Fun Brain Online

Fun interactive maths exercises, make sure you click the right grade:

Age 6-7 is Grade 1
Age 7-8 is Grade 2
Age 8-9 is Grade 3
(View full list of US grades)



Fun brain online

Key Stage 3 Maths Games (Ages 11 to 14)

BBC Key Stage 3 Maths

This section of the BBC website includes more advanced maths games, many of which are still interactive, with revision information, a game and a quiz for each section.

This includes algebra, more complex fractions, averages, probability and measurements.

Follows the national curriculum.

BBC KS2 Maths Game