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Young children have a natural curiosity about how the world works and science is essentially about discovering more about this through research and experimentation.

The home-educated children I know tend to retain an enthusiasm for science throughout their lives and the world is full of opportunities to experiment and research. This means that young children may be best learning by exploring the world around them, with some guidance and plenty of opportunity to ask 'why' things work. Older kids could benefit from more structure and perhaps a tutor, like the one advertised on the right.

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We have two younger children and follow an autonomous approach to learning, which means we tend to seize opportunities to explore science when they occur naturally. An obversation of how beautiful the moon looks might lead to a conversation about gravity, the tides, eclipses, reflection of sunlight and space travel.

Often we don't know the answer, in which case we do research together (on the Internet or in illustrated books) to discover it - whether it is the name of an insect we have found or why when you fill a cup of water the top of the water is higher than the edge of the cup.

We have also recently started doing experiments (the experiments themselves often only take a minute or two, but can lead to long fascinating discussions). For some great suggestions of easy science experiments, see:

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GCSE Science and SATS in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, UK.

The following information is from Alan Woods, for more information on his services, please see Science Tuition in Derbyshire.

  • I was a very successful Head of Department and since retirement I have been giving private tuition.
  • I am familiar with all the major syllabi including Edexcel, Nuffield and AQA.
  • I am a tutor for both home-educated and school children.
  • I am able to offer science tuition at my home address or in your home covering an area around Derby, Nottingham and Mansfield.
  • I like to make the sessions relaxed, interesting and enjoyable, as well as challenging.
  • I introduce methods to achieve examination success in all the sessions, including revision and examination techniques.

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My A-level tuition rates are £35.00 per hour at my home address and I would negotiate a rate for travelling to another destination.

No extra fees via this site. Please contact me via this site for the cheapest rates!

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone:
01773 710242

Alan Woods, 25 Ford Avenue, Loscoe, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7LR


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